Pure Essential Oils Natural ingredients Candles handmade in Singapore

Hand Poured Pure Essential Oils Candles and Handmade in Singapore Decorative Room Diffuser

Natural ingredients 100% Pure Essential Oils Candle 
Handmade in Singapore. Handpoured in Small batches

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Natural Ingredients & 100% Pure Essential Oils To Give Therapeutic Benefits for You & Our Special Makers

We use only 100% pure essential oils and natural soy wax imported from credited suppliers in USA. As our special makers are highly sensitive to their environment, including their sense of smell, we are committed to only natural ingredients that is good for their well-being and our customers.

Our natural wax products, handmade in Singapore, do not contain synthetics and harmful chemicals. Our pure essential oils candle scents are especially blended to deliver therapeutic benefits to aid in relaxation, anxiety relief and improving mental focus. Only simple goodness with all ingredients listed

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