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Gentlehands provides near to 50% of supported employment for autistic youth. We produce 100% handmade environmental friendly and social responsible candle products for retail sale. Specialised job training, on-going support in community & life skills and therapeutic yoga are provided as part of the employment benefits.

Gentlehands True Story – Bing’s Journey

It’s not true — not all autistic persons have talent in drawing, painting, or music. And yes, we had art and music classes for years; praised all his artwork and applauded each music practice. Though Bing has limited verbal expressions his body language was consistently clear: he did not find much joy in these activities.

However, one family’s event led us to discover Bing’s love for pouring scented wax products. His aunt’s intimate wedding reception provided us an opportunity to get creative by making floral wax tablets infused with pure essential oils as wedding gifts.

The difference was most palpable: his smiles when we brought out the essential oils and wax flakes; his eagerness holding on to my arm as I was preparing the melted wax; his taking over of the jug to blend in the essential oils; and his teachers’ feedback how he grinned from ear to ear when they unwrapped the wax tablets, he made for them. While unable to verbalise, Bing recognises the products he has made and displays great joy.

the first wax tablet

Our Founding Parent’s Thoughts

“As a parent of a moderate autistic child I am faced with challenges in helping my teenager transiting to become an independent adult. Although, being independent like a neuro-typical teenager is not realistic in our case by the time he completes special education – 18 year old (which is also one of the many challenges for many families like ours) – we hope to fulfil his potentials as an individual, providing him an environment and resources as such needed life skills coaching, relevant therapies until his adulthood to be more independent or aided-independence, is the reason why Gentlehands was set up.

We also hope that he has a friend, a group or a community to grow with. Autistic individuals are also social beings with the need to have companionship, kindness, reassurance and confidence. They only have a different way to express all these.” – Christine, Founding parent

Bing MR

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