about us

Who we are

Our Special Candle Apprentices 

Both are currently studying in different special schools in Singapore

Our Assistant Candle Maker

She graduated from special school a few years ago and joined us with experience in baking and sewing.    


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Special Candle Makers

Gentlehands Craft is a workshop that provides supported employment for autistic youth to produce handmade crafts for retail sale – mainly hand-poured container candles and essential oils wax products. Specialised job training, with on-going support in group enrichment (sports) and group therapy (community skills) are provided for the autistic youth as part of their employment.

Our Profit Goes to:

Providing services our special candle makers

Profit generated is used to pay for services our autistic staff needs. Most important to all parents with a moderate autistic child, is the need to acquire the life skills to function in the community safely and independently. Skills that many of them still lack even after graduating from special school at 18 years of age.

Currently, we have engaged from external organisations, a Life Skills Coach and Consultants for Speech & Occupational therapy.

Building staff capability

Besides training in work and life skills. Providing staff opportunities to learn new forms of craft, to find their passion and speciality as an establishment that seeks to promote inclusiveness through craft.



“As a parent of a moderate autistic child I am faced with the challenge of helping my teenager transit to become an independent adult. Although, being independent like a neuro-typical teenager is not realistic as in our case by the time he completes special education at 18 years old (which is also the challenge for many families like ours). Helping him fulfil his potential as an individual, providing him an environment and resources as such needed lifeskills coaching, relevant therapies until his adulthood to be better equipped to be independent or aided-independence is the reason why gentleHands craft was set up.

There is also to hope that he has a friend, a group or even a community to grow with. Autistic individuals are also social beings, they want companionship, kindness, reassurance and confidence. They only have a different way to express all these.” – Christine, Founding parent